We plan and share the best travel itineraries for unforgettable adventures.

We love to explore new places and try to avoid packaged or pre-arranged tours, which means we mostly always plan our own from scratch. This involves thorougher research on the best time of year to go, the best places to see, where to stay (sometimes where to eat and drink), as well as hidden gems and adventures off the beaten track. A lot of time goes into our research which is why we started this blog, to share our travel itineraries with whoever wanted to experience them too.

All itineraries are carefully researched down to the smallest detail, and vetted by yours truly. But should you have any questions, we’re more than happy to answer them too.

Watch our videos for a sneak peak on what you’re in for.

A little bit about us.

Although we both grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, we actually meet in London (in 2013), and have been love-birds ever since. Using the UK as our base we’ve travelled all over Europe and further afield, aiming to visit 4-5 new places each year (all while holding down full-time jobs).

Our trips range from long weekends away, to even longer trips abroad lasting 1-3 weeks (our favourite). As we spend so much of our time researching and planning (and experiencing our travel adventures) we wanted to create a space to share all of our tips, advice, and itineraries, in the hope to inspire fellow travel lovers.


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